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Ocean Shipping Guard

At present, the international situation is becoming more and more complicated, and the activities of piracy organizations are rampant. The safety of ocean shipping vessels has become increasingly prominent. Although official defense patrols have been strengthened by various countries, ocean freight still needs to rely on its own strength to ensure navigation safety. The center, most of whom are members of the Navy retired personnel, provide full-range security services for ocean-going fleets.
1. Follow the ship to the sea, departing from major domestic ports to and from most ports around the world
2. Responsible for managing the documents and statements of the shipment
3. After arriving at the port, supervise and manage the loading and unloading of container cargo by forklift crane (mechanical operation, no manual handling required)
4. In the process of loading and unloading, do a good job of inventory, verification, inspection, and other related transfer procedures.
Responsible for the basic daily sanitary cleaning (shift system) on the way to and from the ship. The documents and statements must be arranged on the way back and returned to the company in time.
5. Dealing with emergencies
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