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Women's Personal Bodyguard

Private bodyguards protect personal and property safety and employ professional and competent protectors; Xin Zhenyuan selects a group of highly qualified female bodyguards to provide professional female bodyguard services according to the new needs of social development. From ancient times to the present, personal bodyguards have been considered to be martial arts people who wear weapons to protect others' property or personal safety. Today, the precise definition of a private bodyguard is that a citizen protects the personal and property safety of an individual, and employs a professional and protective guardian. In actual life, employers call the private bodyguards "driver", "secretary", "assistant" and so on. In today's society, industry giants and business tycoons are escorted by private bodyguards. Movie stars and singers are also escorted by private bodyguards. Heads of state and politicians are accompanied by personal bodyguards, and even triad leaders welcome the private bodyguard with a smile. Personal bodyguards are always in danger and ready to dedicate themselves. A private bodyguard must have a flexible mind and must be quick and agile to achieve his mission by winning with one trick.
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