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International Special Bodyguard

International security has just started in China. As the main force to protect China's overseas interests in the future, international security has a lofty mission, highest honor, and generous treatment. It is the preferred career for re-employment of former university graduates and retired soldiers! International bodyguards are a more advanced development of international senior security. It mainly serves high-end fields such as important figures, important activities, and important goods of China's overseas interests.

Areas in which China International Senior Bodyguards perform tasks:

Chinese embassies and consulates abroad; Chinese-funded foreign companies and commercial organizations; China Construction Group, China Petroleum Group, Nonferrous Metals Group, China Railway Group, China Power Group and other overseas aid construction projects; State-owned enterprises abroad and special security; other foreign-related personnel Activities such as the security protection of overseas freight, personal bodyguards of Chinese overseas

China International Advanced Bodyguard Services come in various forms:

Private secure driver service

1. Protect the personal safety of customers and perform the duties of drivers;

2. Responsible for insurance, inspection, maintenance and repair of company vehicles;

3. Assist administrative personnel in some field work;

4. Protect the personal safety of customers and perform the duties of drivers;

Personal Security Assistant Services

1. Protect the personal safety of customers;

2. Assistance in administrative affairs and business activities;

3. Responsible for the processing of official documents inside and outside the enterprise, resolve incoming letters and visits, and handle and report in a timely manner;

4. Services such as daily service and fitness guidance.

Celebrity and entertainer security consulting services

1. Protect the personal safety of the stars personally;

2. Protect the personal privacy of celebrities from being violated;

3. Responsible for the safety planning of the star trip;

4. Assist the celebrity to arrange daily work, and undertake some assistant work according to needs.

Duties of Entrepreneurs and Regal Security Advisors

1. Personally protect customers' personal safety, pay attention to defense, and reach zero threat rate.

2. In the event of an emergency, the customer will be escorted away immediately. Protect your personal safety.

Politician celebrity security services

1. Be vigilant, protect customers at all times, prevent all unsafe factors, and prevent problems before they occur.

2. Develop multiple plans and do exercises in advance

3. Flexible handling, handling emergencies, and sending customers to a safe place as soon as possible.
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