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International security dispatch

International security is mainly for the offices and personnel of Chinese enterprises and institutions with foreign investment and development projects, to conduct a security assessment of the environment in which each customer is located, and to formulate a comprehensive security protection program targeted to provide security in accordance with local conditions. protection. Just starting in China, as the main force to protect China ’s overseas interests in the future, international security has a lofty mission, highest honor, and generous treatment. It is the first choice of employment for re-employment of graduates and retired soldiers in the past!

Areas in which China International Senior Security performs tasks:

Chinese embassies and consulates abroad; Chinese-funded foreign companies and commercial organizations; China Construction Group, China Petroleum Group, Non-Ferrous Metals Group, China Railway Group, China Power Group and other overseas aid construction projects; State-owned enterprises overseas agencies and special security

China International Advanced Security Training Course:

Common English for security; International etiquette; Physical fitness and queue training; Security professional ethics and quality training; Security laws and regulations; Security skills and equipment use; Security and defense practices; Information and network security; Behavioral psychology; Driving training.

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