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I. Service Classification
A. Personal, business, housekeeping and personal security guards;
B. Security for conferences, performances, exhibitions and other activities;
C. Special guards and security guards;
D. Security consulting, security consultant
Classification introduction
1. Personal security personal security guard-mainly responsible for personal safety;
2. Business security guards-In addition to personal security, it is also responsible for the security and other daily services of all aspects of business activities;
3. Housekeeping security guards-In addition to being responsible for the personal safety of the family, it also undertakes housekeeping services, including sending children to and from school, and daily communication activities of the host.
Type B: conventional field security-general environmental security security;
1, special venue security-such as press conferences, performances, concerts and other large venue activities security, including police dog search and security gate rental;
2. Road security guards—vehicles in airports, railway stations, bus stations, ports, and other places are on the road.
Class C:
1. Escort valuables in cash and securities on the road;
2. Safeguard the valuables site.
Class D:
1. Security consulting-design security solutions for users and provide consulting services;
2. Security consultants-provide security management professionals
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