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Financial Escort Escort

Escort services for banks and other financial units:

1. Guarantee the intact delivery of financial assets and tickets;

2. Responsible for security advisory services such as financial property and tickets during the escort process.

Other valuables escort services:

1. Guarantee the intact delivery of valuables;

2. Responsible for security advisory services for valuables during escort.

Dangerous Goods Escort Services:

1. Guarantee the safe and intact delivery of dangerous goods;

2. Responsible for safety advisory services for dangerous goods during escort.

Confidential material transfer services:

1. Guarantee the intact delivery of the transferred items;

2. Responsible for the security and confidentiality of confidential materials during the escort process.

Important items storage and guarding services:

1. Safeguard the preservation of valuables without loss or damage;

2. Various kinds of dangerous goods storage services, foreseeable incident avoidance and emergency response.

Financial escorting is a special industry. First of all, it is a qualification examination, including health status, criminal records, etc. It is not acceptable to have diseases such as high blood pressure. At the same time, you must have a driving license of B or higher and have a driving age of 3 years or more. . The second is training. Qualified people are required to conduct closed training for a period of 40 days, followed by tests including driving, capture fighting, and regulations. If you enter the third pass, you must join the car group and be brought by the teacher for 3 months to half a year.

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