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Financial unit garrison

The security of the financial services industry is related to social stability and the safety of people's property. It has always been the focus of the development of the security industry. With the increasing popularity of bank outlets and the increasingly severe social security situation, criminal and public security cases against banking institutions have risen significantly; internal crimes, internal and external cooperation cases have increased, and the construction of security prevention systems has gradually developed in the direction of external prevention. Various video surveillance systems and alarm systems are gradually being applied to banks. Networking, intelligence, high-definition and integration will become the development direction. The integration of video surveillance systems and access control, alarm, intercom, and video conference subsystems; the combination of security systems and regulatory business management platforms; intelligent analysis of video images Technology; the application of new generation communication technology has become the main development trend of bank security systems. The general security system will transform to a dedicated solution platform, video intelligent analysis will be integrated into bank security, the security platform will be equipmentized, and 3G communication technology and bank security technology will promote each other.

Xinzhenyuan Security has professional financial security personnel to provide a full range of uninterrupted security guarding services for the following financial units:
I. Commercial Bank
Second, the insurance company
Trust and investment companies
4. Securities institutions
V. Finance companies
Credit Cooperation Organization
7. Other financial institutions
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