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1. Under the leadership of the General Affairs Officer, strictly implement the door guard system, open and close the door on time, and welcome external staff warmly. Check carefully and do not allow unrelated or idle people to enter the school at will. It is also not allowed for students to leave school at random outside of the prescribed time. Those who leave the school with the items must be checked carefully before being released.

2. Entry and exit personnel identification system

1) Non-school faculty and staff should take the initiative to present the relevant identification to the school security personnel when they enter the school.

2) School security personnel shall carefully check the relevant documents of foreigners entering the school, and unknown persons are strictly prohibited from entering the school.

3) The school security personnel have the right to refuse to enter the school and do a good job of explaining the foreigners who refuse to show their credentials or cannot prove their identity.

4) During the course, when students really need to leave the school due to special circumstances, they must hold the leave note signed by the teacher in charge of the class. The school security personnel can only release it and check the leave note for future reference.

5) The school issues permits to personnel and family members living outside the school, and the guards release the permits.

3. Registration system for foreigners

1) Foreigners entering the school must be registered with the school security department and can only enter after permission.

2) If the foreigner who refuses to register or the content of the registration is inconsistent with the facts, the school security personnel have the right to refuse to enter the school and do a good job of explanation.

4. Visitor system

1) In principle, the school teachers will not be available during the education and teaching work. If it is necessary to meet the guests due to the work, the teacher must go to the gate guard to confirm and register before entering.

2) When the parents of a student go to the school to find a teacher to communicate with or understand the situation of the student, the teacher must go to the guard room to confirm and register before entering.

3) Parents of students who want to enter the school to find their own children or other students can only be accompanied by the class teacher and registered during the class.

5. Vehicle admission and release system

1) During the normal education and teaching work, the school should close the school door and prohibit motor vehicles from entering the school.

2) The higher-level inspection work or the vehicles that need to enter the school due to work needs to be parked at the designated place under the guidance of the security personnel after the school leaders agree, prohibiting whistle, speeding, and ensuring the safety of teachers and students.

6. Item entry and exit inspection system

1) School security personnel register the items carried by outsiders entering and leaving the school, and check suspicious items. Dangerous items such as flammable and explosive, highly toxic, and controlled knives are strictly prohibited from entering the campus. Chemical test drugs purchased by schools for teaching purposes must be brought in and registered by the laboratory custodian.

2) The school security personnel must ask the school leader for permission and check the registration before releasing the bulk items brought out of the school.

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3) School security personnel should strengthen the investigation of suspicious items brought into or out of the school to ensure the safety of the personal property of the school, teachers and students.

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