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Some responsibilities you should know as a bodyguard

Professional bodyguards are an industry full of variables and risks. Good professional quality can play a role in daily work and improve service quality. : 思想素质、身体素质、勇气和勇气、敏捷性、成熟的经验判断和熟练的战斗技能 Professional quality includes six aspects : ideological quality, physical fitness, courage and courage, agility, mature experience judgment and skilled fighting skills

For those who want to be a bodyguard and meet the bodyguard recruitment requirements, it is also necessary to clearly ensure the content of the bodyguard work. : Generally, bodyguards and personal bodyguards are responsible for :

: 熟练处理紧急情况;遵守保密规则,严格遵守公司纪律;积极完成雇主指派的工作 Job responsibilities of professional bodyguards : proficient in emergency situations; adherence to confidentiality rules, strict compliance with company discipline; actively complete tasks assigned by employers

: 私人承包商需要有私人保镖的经验和教训,在短时间内吸收和了解他们周围的可疑信息,然后做出准确的判断并做出相应的反应。 The role of private bodyguards : Private contractors need to have the experience and lessons of private bodyguards, absorb and understand suspicious information around them in a short time, then make accurate judgments and respond accordingly. Mastery of skills is the main guarantee for bodyguard missions. The combat skills of personal bodyguards can be divided into technical and functional parts. Skills are a means of fighting. Capability refers to the ability to use these methods, also known as operational capability. 技术 主要包括五个方面 : 第一,踢腿;第二,攻击;第三,第四,摔跤;风格;第五,另一方面可以使用间接技术。 " Technology " mainly includes five aspects : first, kicking; second, attack; third, fourth, wrestling; style; fifth, on the other hand, indirect technology can be used. : 第一,攻击能力和有效性;第二,罢工的能力;第三,应用程序部署,包括速度、强度、敏捷性、耐用性、灵活性和使用各种技术环境的能力。 Capabilities include : first, the ability to attack and effectiveness; second, the ability to strike; third, application deployment, including speed, strength, agility, durability, flexibility, and the ability to use a variety of technical environments. ( 包括反攻击能力,但反攻击也是防御 ) 原因很简单,它可以用于最不重要的原因,最合适的技术和最准确的快速反应均匀。 The reasons for combat capability, important attack and attack capabilities, and counter-attack capabilities ( including counter-attack capabilities, but counter-attacks are also defenses ) are simple. It can be used for the least important reasons, the most appropriate technology and the most accurate rapid response uniformity.

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