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Contents about security guards in general business establishments

Security logistics personnel are responsible for the order in the dining area of the restaurant and the personal and property safety of diners and staff in the area. If an unlicensed person needs to stay at the hotel, after checking the situation, fill out the form and submit it to the police station. After verification and approval, they can arrange accommodation for them.

Carefully observe the condition of the personnel in the dining area to avoid situations such as fighting, fighting and theft. If this happens, security personnel need to stop immediately to prevent the situation from being serious and affecting the safety of other innocent people.

Insiders of the security company need to assist the computer room attendants, be responsible for the safety of the residents and maintain good order, and prevent fire, civil and criminal cases. In the event of these accidents, security personnel need to prevent such incidents from becoming more serious in the first place and properly evacuate other customers to prevent further damage. In addition, after the incident, the relevant departments will be notified as soon as possible to provide support to prevent further harm.

In hotel management, the insider of the security company needs to ensure the personal safety and property safety of the resident customers. If necessary, it is necessary to record permanent resident information to ensure that resident customers have no criminal record and intent. 9 点钟家庭的保护。 This is also the protection of the entire 9 o'clock family. Safety.

At each business location, the internal staff of the security company is responsible for maintaining order in public places (such as hotel lobby, bar, meeting room, entertainment venue, etc.). It is necessary to check in and unregister these sites and documents using the following methods: Unqualified or undocumented personnel. After the station requires the situation to be clarified, a solution is proposed based on the actual situation.

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