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What are the means of security guards

The first thing a security officer records in and out of a vehicle or article is an outsider. Of course, when necessary, they can also record vehicles and articles in their jurisdictions in accordance with relevant regulations. Generally speaking, once the hypothetical area is unfamiliar or suspected, the staff may check the documents, thereby effectively affecting crimes and ensuring the safety of personnel serving the area.

The underground garage is strictly forbidden to smoke and parked trucks to prevent accumulation and carry all kinds of flammable, explosive, and toxic substances. When we find a drunk driver, he should be notified immediately. Security requires emergency events such as car accidents, the site should be protected immediately, and the site owner and the foreman on duty should be notified to assist in handling. Prevent the owner (driver) from washing the car with water, regularly check whether the fire-fighting equipment and facilities in the parking lot (library) are in good condition, and notify the foreman to handle the abnormal situation in time.

There are many places that need to be used for safety, which can ensure the industrial safety and personal safety of residents. The probability of using security in the community is very high.

Instructions and instructions are required for security personnel to enter vehicles in the yard (library) to slow down and stop at the designated address. And check the condition of the car, if you find water leakage, oil leakage, not closing the door, etc., you should immediately inform the owner. Safety requirements urge car owners to lock doors and windows and take away valuables in the car, and to inspect and inspect vehicles parked in the yard (warehouse) in a timely manner.

Security needs to remember the model, number and driver of the owner. In principle, if you do not know or disagree with the owner's opinion, everyone who drives in and out should be accepted by the owner. Security requirements are also different. Some security managed garages. So what are the requirements for garage management? Under normal circumstances, security personnel will inspect the area served, or conduct alarm and monitoring activities, so as to effectively prevent illegal acts and effectively eliminate various security risks.

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