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What do you need to do when building a security team?

We should respond appropriately to the situation we face. If you find that you are not taking care of yourself, you need to call the police as quickly as possible. If the situation is chaotic at the time, you need security personnel to be smart and brave, such as making full use of the surrounding terrain in the fight to protect yourself from exhaustion. Mountains and rivers to protect them to the maximum. After suppressing the suspects, we need to be vigilant in advance to prevent the situation from changing.

Security personnel must remain calm and alert when facing danger. The basic policy of reducing casualties and maximizing protection is to practice the skills of hard opponents. This requires the guards to strengthen their physical exercise in the usual way. Excellent physical fitness is a necessary condition to compete with criminal suspects, and it is also the basis for mastering the skills of the enemy. Combined with the improvement of physical fitness, we must also practice the basic skills of the enemy, including combat skills, baton skills, defense skills, and first aid skills.

In real life, security personnel are often injured. Many people have questioned that security itself is not well protected. How can we be protected? In order to reduce the occurrence of security injuries, this requires our security personnel to defend themselves together, face danger, face it calmly, and face it bravely.

Security work is dangerous to a certain extent. On duty, security personnel should have the ability to recognize dangers together and the dangers as early as possible. Only when they are prepared can they temporarily respond strongly to dangers and be able to respond quickly and resolve them in critical situations.

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