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Security company response to large events

120 救护车等需要配备。 According to the content of the event, the number of spectators is equipped with security personnel. In addition, on-site staff must be highly alert for parking lots, fire protection, safe passages, signs, emergency aid kits, 120 ambulances, etc. Cooperate with the police and the organizer to do a good job of safety precautions at the event site, maintain order at the scene, ensure the normal performance order of the concert, and maintain the order of the aisle and parking lot to avoid congestion.

In order to prevent spectators from gathering chaotically and stepping on, open fire is forbidden in case of fire emergency and timely call for help is required to establish a leading team of on-site security work. Ensure the safety inspection of the import and export. Do a good job of the case to prevent the carrying of toxic and hazardous items such as flammable and explosive control knives into the scene. In case of emergency, do the evacuation of the on-site personnel. , The establishment of a dedicated singing area security team is mainly responsible for interpreting the safety of life and property of staff.

Because the mood of the audience at some event sites is relatively excited, it is prone to group disturbances and fighting scenes, so the security personnel should play the mediation effect at this time and deal with these glues immediately.

Only when a person correctly understands his professional security personnel and improves his or her own quality can he gain self-recognition and self-respect in his career. Knowledge determines the height. Only by doing good internal work can a comprehensive breakthrough be achieved. To change society's prejudice against the security profession, the company attaches importance to the improvement of the security personnel's own quality, and optimizes the personnel structure as a long-term work goal.

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