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Guarding refers to the guarding and guarding activities carried out on specific targets according to law with the help of certain forces. As guardianship in security services, it refers to the care and guardianship activities performed by security personnel on specific people, property, places and base objects in accordance with the service contract. This is a major form of security services. Its main tasks are to prevent the entry of irrelevant personnel, to prevent the intrusion of illegal personnel, to prevent the dangerous goods from being brought in privately, to prevent the loss of property and theft, to prevent the leakage of confidential and confidential time, to prevent and stop various sabotage activities of illegal criminals, The occurrence of public security disasters ensures the security of the target.
The tasks of security guards are mainly to guard and protect such a form of security, to prevent and stop the entry of unrelated personnel, to prevent the sabotage activities of illegal criminals, to find and eliminate various instability factors, and to maintain the security of guarded targets. Of course, the scope of guarding and the goals of guarding are different in various security services, and the specific tasks of guarding are also different. Generally speaking, the tasks of security guard mainly include the following aspects.
1. Protecting personal safety With the development of reform and opening up and the development of a socialist market economy, foreign-funded enterprises have developed rapidly in China's socialist modernization. A group of entrepreneurs and individual professional households have become rich through their honest labor and legal operations. Up. However, at the same time, they often become the target of the criminals and the targets of violations. Their personal and property safety is always at risk of illegal violations, such as explosions, abductions, assassinations, etc. At present, China's public security organs have insufficient police forces and heavy tasks. Apart from those who are listed as guards, they cannot yet provide special personal safety protection to other individuals, and it is difficult to meet the security needs of different levels of society. The rise of the security industry has made up for this gap. There are two forms of personal security protection provided by the security service: first, guarding, that is, protecting the personal security by guarding the residential and office places of the guarded object; second, guarding, which is responsible for guarding the personal safety of the object of outing activities. When security service companies provide personal protection services, they should pay attention to the following issues: (1) China does not promote private employment "guards". (2) Security activities cannot be provided to those who engage in illegal activities for profit.
2. Protecting property safety The focus of its work is to do a good job of fire prevention, theft prevention and vandalism.
3. Maintain the normal order of the client unit. The security personnel who perform the guardianship tasks through the guardianship security service create a good environment and conditions for the production, work, teaching and scientific research activities within the guardianship area. Such situations that hinder the smooth progress of production, teaching and scientific research activities, such as quarrels and brawls within the guardianship area, must take measures as soon as possible to discourage, stop, and prevent the situation from expanding and spreading.
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