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I. Duties of patrol service posts:

⒈ Maintain public order in and around the service unit, protect the safety of key parts, key targets and public places within the unit, prevent various acts that endanger public order, and maintain the unit's good production, work, scientific research and teaching, cultural and sports trade, Life and leisure order, once problems occur, effective measures should be taken promptly to resolutely correct and stop them;

发现 Find out illegal personnel and suspected criminals in a timely manner through patrol services to prevent and combat illegal and criminal activities. If suspects of illegal crimes are found or arrested on the spot, they should be sent to the public security organ or the unit's security department for processing, while protecting the crime scene, and actively cooperate with the public security department to detect the case;

⒊ For sudden public security cases and disaster accidents in service units, you should rush to the scene of the incident first, and carry out early treatment, protect the scene, maintain order, guide the onlookers, rescue the wounded, and public and private property to minimize various losses. ;

⒋ Pay attention to the loopholes and problems that the service unit has in terms of security precautions, and promptly notify the unit's security department or other relevant departments to make rectifications to protect the safety of people, property, and materials of the service unit;

⒌ For civil disputes occurring within the service unit, mediation, mediation and suppression should be proactively taken to prevent disputes from developing into law and order cases or criminal cases, and to maintain the normal order of work, production, operation and life within the unit.

Requirements for patrol duties:

⒈ Strictly implement various rules and management systems of companies and service units, abide by laws, and adhere to principles. Any illegal criminals found during patrol and service activities shall be referred to the public security organs for treatment, and security service personnel shall not handle it by themselves. For violations of rules and regulations, we should proceed from the desire to safeguard the interests of the service unit. Based on the principle that it will not affect the work and complete the task, it should be handled by the service unit's security department or related departments. It cannot be made on its own initiative, resolved privately, and loses principle ;

⒉ Due diligence and civil duty. Security team members must be neatly dressed, dignified, and full of spirit when performing patrol duties. When dealing with problems, we must put facts and reasoning into practice, do not speak swear words, swear words, do not make things difficult for the workers and the masses, and strictly forbid scolding and threatening the masses. Adhere to the work position, do not leave the post without permission, patrol inspections must be careful and meticulous, do not let go of any doubts and loopholes. We must perform our duties with due diligence and dedication, and constantly improve our patrol level;

⒊ Observe the discipline of confidentiality and keep the legitimate internal confidentiality of the service unit. In addition to resolutely abiding by the Party's policies and national laws and national secrecy laws and regulations, security patrol service personnel must also abide by the professional ethics of security, comply with the internal rules and regulations of the service unit, and the confidentiality system. It is strictly forbidden to leak the secrets inside the service unit.
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