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I. Duties of the guard service post:

严格 Strict inspection and registration of the identity, certificates, and vehicles of the personnel at the entrance and exit of the service unit is strictly prohibited. The foreign clerks should ask their intentions clearly, and after checking the verification documents, contact the interviewed department or interviewed staff in a timely manner. Discourage and explain visitors who have not received the consent;

检查 Check and verify the items carried by personnel at the entrance and exit of the service unit and the materials carried by the vehicle to prevent embezzlement and theft of unit items and the bringing in and out of dangerous and prohibited items without permission;

⒊ Direct the evacuation of vehicles entering and exiting the service unit's gate, clean up and evacuate irrelevant personnel inside and outside the gate, prevent people or vehicles from gathering or rushing in and out of the gate, and ensure that the passage of the unit is unobstructed;

⒋ Pay attention to the observation and discovery of suspicious persons, suspicious things, suspicious items and criminal clues. After discovery, they should promptly report to the public security organ or the service unit's security department, and the current illegal personnel or criminal suspects can be directly transferred to the public security organ or security department.

2. Duty requirements for doorman security service:

⒈Strictly implement the door guard system of service units, adhere to the principle of equal treatment, non-discrimination, and compliance. The door guards themselves must follow the model by themselves, and they are not allowed to bring in relatives and friends casually, and they are not allowed to engage in private law, give up inspection, and deal with it in a perfunctory manner;

⒉ People and things must be checked carefully, they must be checked carefully, and they must be observed carefully. There must be "six look" and "six look": that is, look at the document, look at the name, look at the age, look at the accent, look at the clothes, look at the identity, look at The origin of the items, see the peer relationship. Observe the differences in behavior and time, behavior and environment, behavior and purpose from the "six sees" and "six pairs" in order to find doubts;

灵活 Handle problems flexibly. The doorman's security is in a special position, which is a must-go place for people entering and leaving the service unit. People and vehicles come and go frequently. There are all kinds of people and problems encountered. The problems that need to be solved and deal with are complex and diverse. When dealing with problems, door guards must respond to problems at random, combine principle and flexibility, and treat principled and non-principled problems differently. Strict control and non-concession on principled issues, not too much entanglement on non-principle issues, calm and calm handling;

⒋Employers must be dressed in accordance with regulations to ensure that the clothes are clean, dignified, full of spirit, courteous, courteous, courteous, upholding principles, convincing others, acting with due diligence, and enthusiastic service. No one is allowed to leave the job, not to chat, to do private work, not to smoke or drink, and it is strictly forbidden to make trouble, abuse, oppress, rude, insulting personality.
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