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Characteristics of security personnel in the security service industry

I. Security personnel and security personnel Some enterprises and institutions have their own security organizations, and their predecessors were actually the Security Committee. According to Article 2 of the "Interim Regulations of the Public Security Committee" promulgated in 1952: The Public Security Committee is a mass public security organization and is responsible for its work under the leadership of the grassroots government and public security agencies. From this perspective, it seems that the security personnel are very similar to the security personnel, but in the leadership relationship, the security personnel are different from the security personnel. Although both security and security personnel are subject to dual leadership, the dual leadership of security personnel is only caused by the division of labor in the administrative department, while the dual leadership of security personnel is caused by the relationship between the enterprise and the administrative department. Second, the two have different statuses. Security personnel are generally employees of security service companies.Its relationship with security service companies is regulated by the Labor Law: the situation of security personnel is more complicated. In factory enterprises, security personnel are subject to the same labor laws as security personnel. Adjustments, but the security personnel in institutions and undertakings will be included in the state establishment and enjoy the treatment of civil servants. Also, the scope of existence of the two is different. Security personnel only exist in state organs, public institutions, and public-owned enterprises, but security personnel can exist in the entire civil security system.
Second, the security service object characteristics and civil liability of the security service industry The object of China's security industry is specifically the object of the rights and obligations of both parties to the security service contract, which is legally called the subject. The main targets of China's security industry are two major categories: air defense services and technical defense services. Civil defense services refer to various labor services stipulated in transportation, guarding, patrolling, and defense contracts, that is, human defense services provided by security service companies to customers. Such as providing customers with a certain number of security personnel, escorting valuables, guarding bank vaults, important warehouses, maintaining the internal security order of the enterprise and so on. Technical defense services refer to the technical protection services provided by security companies to customers, such as installing anti-theft alarm facilities, designing fire prevention, anti-theft projects, etc. for customers. After distinguishing the characteristics of the security industry subject and clarifying the meaning of the security industry target, the author believes that the object of the security industry (that is, service behavior) has the following characteristics:
(1) The security services of the security service industry have the characteristics of wide coverage and flexibility. The role and function of the traditional security forces have made up for the shortcomings that our security system has been dominated by the public security and judicial departments. As a result, most of the administrative functions in the entire system of defense and security are on their own and cannot achieve the effect of joint cooperation. The security company's means, methods, and measures for providing services are very flexible, which strengthens the combination of national, civil, and individual defenses in the country's civil defense system, improves the defense mechanism, connects vacancies in various levels of defense, and fills in the gaps. The role of the entire defense body formed an organic network to achieve the effectiveness of the overall defense.
(2) Security service behavior has the characteristics of concentration and risk. According to the customer's requirements, the security company will concentrate on, do everything possible, and perform its duties to the best of its ability, and otherwise it will conduct illegal operations beyond its scope. Because security services are closely related to security prevention, the arduousness and risk of security services are highlighted. Security service companies provide protection to targets that are vulnerable to criminals, such as banks, vaults, important warehouses, and trade markets. If there is a slight mistake in work in these places, the losses are huge, and the lives of security personnel are often threatened and violated by criminals.

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