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How to distinguish between a security company and a formal security company

Jinan Security Co., Ltd. teaches employees how to defend properly, how to identify thieves, identify and abide by the regulations, and not try all the methods! Take the lead in training all security guards to be good citizens in compliance with laws and regulations, and then be a good assistant to assist social security. Be the first person to do something, whether it is a security officer, an enterprise, or an individual. These are the first social rules to comply with, and Jinan Security Company always stands up for every position for the society with high-quality services.
Some false security companies today, regardless of corporate integrity, wantonly to claim that they have security service qualifications, which is a major failure for the security industry. I also hope that companies will brighten their eyes and identify authenticity! Jinan Security Service Co., Ltd. is a security service license issued by the Provincial Public Security Department. At the same time obtained ISO quality certification system. All the formalities are complete, and it is not that you can record and pass the review! This point can only be seen from the company's business license. Without the relevant certificate, the security company will not be written on the business license. Some companies that like to wipe the ball and even hang their heads to buy dog meat will seriously infringe their interests. The benefit of the business! Some small companies do not have physical security guards recruited outside by themselves, so wearing uniforms is obviously not a good idea! Security has not been formally trained, and personnel are highly mobile. Once a problem occurs, it is difficult to protect the interests of the company. The current chaos in the security service industry is a major problem for rectification.
In view of the uneven status of security services in the security market, the Provincial Public Security Department severely cracked down on industries that did not obtain security service licenses to engage in security services. Once found, they will be severely punished. At the same time, there is a formal security company in the Jinan security outsourcing industry. The company is one of them.

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