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Emergency Response Measures for Security Parking Lots

I. Congestion of lanes 1. Unblock the entry and exit lanes in the fastest way without violating company principles.
2. If you encounter a “problem vehicle”, arrange the vehicle to a place that does not block the lane before handling it.
Second, the elevator failure 1. Notify the duty staff of the monitoring center.
2. Place a notice or guide at the elevator entrance.
3. Notify the duty officer at the entrance.
4. Appropriate guidance should be given to the guests entering after receiving the post.
5. The cashier should make appropriate explanations and guidelines to the guests after collecting the parking fee.
3. Blackout 1. Report the blackout area and details immediately to the on-duty head teacher, foreman and department head or the fire center on-duty security, state the engineering department and understand the reasons for the blackout.
2. When the charging system is out of power, the staff on duty at the entrance and exit should be notified and manual billing should be used.
3. Use emergency lighting to ensure channel lighting.
Fourth, the cash register system failure 1. Immediately notify the department head or the on-duty director, foreman, and record the time of the failure.
2. Report to the engineering department for repair as soon as possible and resume normal use.
3. Before the resumption of use, notify the staff on duty at the entrance and exit booths to use manual billing.
4. Charge the parking fee according to the manual charging operation procedure.
V. Violence such as fighting 1. Keep calm and state the foreman or monitoring center as quickly as possible and briefly explain the situation on the scene (such as location, number of people, degree of fighting, use of weapons, etc.).
2. If you can control the scene, handle it immediately. Otherwise, supervise the scene and keep in touch with the monitoring center, waiting for instructions from the superior and reinforcements to arrive.
3. Maintain restraint during disposal. Except for the need for proper defense, in general circumstances, we should try to avoid quarrels or armed conflicts with people.
4. If any person is injured in the incident, rescue should be organized in time.
5. As far as possible, the parties to the dispute will be left behind or the offending party will be intercepted, waiting for the superior's disposal.
Sixth, the fire system failure 1. Immediately notify the staff on duty of the monitoring center and explain the failure in detail.
2. Explain patiently to the guests present.
3. Take measures (such as using sandbags to block water, immediately closing the sluice, etc.) to avoid failures that cause damage to building equipment.
7. Vehicle collision 1. Leave the driver at the scene.
2. Immediately notify the on-duty director or foreman to the scene for processing.
3. Please ask the person in trouble to show the relevant documents and wait for the superior to come to deal with it.
8. Lost or damaged card 1. Explain patiently the rules of the company to the guest who lost or damaged the card.
2. Lost cards will be processed and parking fees will be charged according to the registration time at the entrance of the parking lot.
3. If the guest is unreasonable, he can notify the on-duty director and foreman to assist in handling.
Nine, drunk 1. While stating the monitoring center or superior, try to keep the mood of the drunk unchanged.
2. Advise the drunk to leave the area of the parking lot. If the drunk is unreasonably troublesome, he can be forced to leave the building by force.
3. When dealing with drunken personnel, it is necessary to keep calm and restraint.
X. Destruction incidents such as theft 1. The monitoring center or substitute supervisor should be reported as quickly as possible, and the site situation (location, number of personnel, loss of personnel wealth, etc.) should be briefly explained.
2. Keep calm, if relevant, take relevant personnel to the Security Department for investigation and processing. If you cannot handle it immediately, you should supervise the scene and wait for support from other positions and instructions from superiors.
3. The asylum site is not damaged, waiting for relevant units to inquire and collect evidence.
Eleventh, fire alarm 1. The fastest way to notify the building fire center, explain the exact address and nature of the fire.
2. Evacuate guests around the fire scene.
3. Use the nearest fire-fighting equipment to extinguish the flame or spread the fire as soon as possible, and wait for firefighters to arrive.
4. Shelter the fire scene and wait for professionals to make an inquiry and visit.
5. It is up to the manager or above to decide whether to report to the public security fire station.
6. If the fire spreads and it is difficult to control, the staff of the parking lot should help guide the guests of the parking lot to leave the parking lot to a safe address in the safest and fastest way, and beware of someone robbing in the fire.
7. If presenting personnel are injured, they should be given first aid.

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