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Regulations on dress and etiquette of security guards

First, dress code.
(1) Wearing uniforms and signs, wearing a big brim (beret), and wearing a work number plate on the left chest.
(2) All buttons should be worn when wearing uniforms.
(3) To wear a standard summer dress, you must wear a long-sleeved shirt and tie, and tie the shirt's hem into the waist of the pants.
(4) Dress should be decent, and uniforms should be kept clean and tidy. When wearing uniforms, black work leather shoes must be worn and the uppers must be shiny and tidy. .
(5) No long hair, beards or dyed hair is allowed. Maintain dignified manners, and shall not have indecent acts such as sleeveless hands, hand-pumping (trousers) pockets, legs curling, arm support, arms and shoulders playfulness, playfulness, etc.
(6) When dressing, the hem of the underwear shall not be exposed, and the jacket shall not be worn casually. When wearing in winter, the hem of the sweater should not be exposed.
(7) When participating in major events or large-scale activities, they must uniformly dress and line up to work as required.
(8) When security guards in business outlets such as the financial system are on duty, they need to wear bulletproof vests and helmets, and they must wear them in accordance with regulations.
(9) It is strictly forbidden to mix uniforms with casual clothes and other clothing.
Second, etiquette regulations.
(I) Service etiquette:
1. Salute or report when: (1) Public security department, service unit leaders and company leaders at all levels inspect work; (2) Service unit security supervisors and other leaders pass duty and duty rooms (for multiple entry, Raise hands when passing through work, pay attention to gifts at other times); (3) Hand over shifts, change of posts, or company captains and supervisors at all levels to check posts; (4) Check and ask relevant personnel or enter service units, companies When leading the office; (5) special work outlets, which have special requirements and are implemented according to requirements.
2. You can be disrespectful in the following cases: (1) when working in the computer room, ward, construction site, etc .; (2) when performing fitness, group activities, or taking a vehicle; (3) work in other places where salute is not convenient (4) When working indoors without a cap or sitting upright (but should stand upright).
(2) Civilized terms:
1. When answering phone calls, you must speak Mandarin and use civilized language while on duty.
2. When answering the phone, you should say "Hello! Some company (department) of a company, who are you looking for? Is there anything wrong?" And so on.
3. Use the civilized phrase "Hello! Please show your valid documents, thank you! Please wait a moment, I will contact you right away! Sorry, the unit is off work, please come back the other day! Please show the release note, we need to check, Thank you! Sorry, this is a no-smoking area, please don't smoke! "Etc.
3. Other regulations.
(1) You must not wear security clothing or enter entertainment places during non-working periods.
(2) Do not wear earrings, jewelry or women's makeup when dressing.
(3) During summer and night shifts or climate change, when uniforms or coats are required to be employed, the same duty outlets must dress uniformly and wear duty badges (certificates).
4. Violations of the above provisions will be punished in accordance with relevant company regulations.

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