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What are the job responsibilities of the patrol guard?

The patrol guards need to manage the vehicles entering and leaving the site every day, maintain the order of the parking lot, so that the fire passage can maintain the best unblocked state, and check the vehicle facilities, make a record of the vehicle conditions, and patrol. When the vehicle is found to be damaged or scratched, it should be reported to the duty team leader or the property in charge of the community in a timely manner. Vehicles entering and exiting the jurisdiction must be parked in accordance with the parking spaces planned in advance. Parking must not be allowed at pedestrian crossings or other places where residents live.
Of course, the security guards of the patrol posts in security also conduct fixed-point patrols in accordance with company regulations every day, especially the night duty security guards. When patrolling, they must have a strong light in their hands. The bright light illuminates the examination, thereby avoiding the situation of hiding personnel in the dark. During the patrol, the security also needs to check each door lock. If it is found that the required locked house is not locked, then certain security measures should be taken.
If an abnormal event is found during patrol, it should be immediately reported to the captain. If suspicious people are found, then they should be more vigilant and monitor the actual situation on the scene through surveillance video. During the monitoring process, if suspicious people are found It is not in the surveillance scope of surveillance video, then the security should follow the suspicious person in time until it is confirmed that there are no problems.
The patrol post security guard is a powerful team to ensure the safety of the community. Basically, each community will be equipped with a team that is responsible for ensuring the order and safety of the community. Under its protection, people in all communities You can live a wonderful life and live happily every day without worrying about the safety of the community.

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