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Xinzhenyuan Security Service Co., Ltd. provides security inspection services for large-scale mass events such as cultural performances, sports competitions, exhibitions, job fairs, temple fairs, lantern fairs, garden fairs, etc. organized by the sponsors for the general public. Professional inspections of vehicles and items.

The safety inspection shall comply with the following provisions:

(1) to formulate a safety inspection plan and an emergency response plan in accordance with the safety inspection regulations;

(2) Equipped with professional security inspectors;

(3) Equipped with safe and effective security inspection instruments and equipment;

(4) Defining security inspection channels and areas, setting corresponding signs, and implementing closed management of security inspection areas;

(5) To set up special safety inspection channels and places for persons with special conditions such as riding a wheelchair, installing artificial limbs or implanting medical devices in the body;

(6) Accept the guidance, inspection and supervision of on-site staff of public security organs.

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